Saturday, October 29, 2016

Be Creative / Stash scrapping

Morning everyone! How has your weekend going so far??
 Are you ready for Halloween?? We are ready now, still not to sure I really wanna get out with the kids this year with all the crazy going on, but the kids want to go so bad, so I guess its just being extremely careful.
I miss when I was a kid and you didn't have to worry about the crazy like you do now. Anyways....

This another layout that I did playing along with an online crop earlier this month and thought I'd share. I dont do a lot of mixed media anymore, I use to, I use to A LOT! But I like my layouts to be more clean, but I'm starting (very tentatively) to get back into playing with mixed media.  

To be honest, I love the out let. Scrapbooking is so relaxing, but like I said I like mine to be more clean. But sometimes I really want to just get messy!! So maybe some more pretty messes in my future!

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hello / 12x12 layout

Good morning everyone!! 

This is my newest little one here. Shes cuddling with my hubby, pre-hair cut lol, and I thought it was sweet that she just kept staring up at him. So I wanted to capture that. She would just sit there and stare at him, still dose now that shes a few months old, but now she jabbers more and simles, LOVE that!! lol.

Well I used my September Hip kit to make this layout. I had made it when I was still on the design team, but never shared it. I was in my craft room cleaning up and found it, so I thought Id share it. I love the nice soft colors that are mixed in with the new Maggie Holmes Gather collection, but I also like the yellow and blues! 
Here are a few close ups for you to check out!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

My loot Crate baby/ 12x12 scrapping my stash

Hey everyone! I am out running around today but I wanted to share a layout I created playing with stuff that's been in my stash for a few years.

Me and my hubby are our own kind of nerds lol and proud of it! Well he started getting his loot crates last year and loves them!! They always come with cool shirts, sometimes socks, collectabl toys and all kinds of stuff. It made him really happy when this showed up on our door step, I guess it's his equivalent to me getting my scrappy mail lol so I decided I wanted to document it.

I had fun playing with the cut files and mix of patterned papers. Ashley Horton created this cut file for Hip Kit Club for the month of August2016. And this was another layout that I created playing along with some of the prompts from a Victoria Marie online crop.

I really did like the fact that I dove into my stash with this one and used old Crate paper, old I believe American crafts paper, some Basic Grey and Pink Paislee Memorandum. I really did have fun. I definitely say you need to join the Victoria Marie facebook group, everyone is amazing there, lots of crafty talk, fun and goofyness and just plain fun!!

Well thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back to see more!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

PLS Happy Fall Yall Hanging sign

Good morning happy scrappers! Sarah here today sharing a fall door hanging I made using the fantastic Oakley Avenue collection created by Ashley Horton.

This is fairly simple but I love the way it turned out and it looks great hanging on my front door! I ran 4 of the papers threw my silhouette and cut out some great leaves  and my words and I added them in clusters at the top and bottom of my chalk board sign. 

I ended up painting my words gold before applying them to my sign. I loved all the leaves and I cut out way more then what ended up on here! lol But I figured I would use them later :)

Pretty little Studio products used:

Saturday, October 22, 2016

XOXO / 12X12 Stash scrapping

Hello everyone!! Happy Saturday! I'm a bit late in the day posting this, but I thought I'd share it anyhow.
This is my 2 youngest daughters. Older loves to spend time with her little sister, any time she gets! Baby was getting tummy time and older was sitting there talking to her and playing with her. I thought they looked cute so I snapped a few pics and this was my favorite.

I used some of what was left from the last kit I got from Hip Kits when I was on the design team to make this layout. I love all the Maggie Holmes, Gather collection. Everything I used was on the soft side. I wanted it that way because of the photo I used.

I added a few close up pictures for you to take a look at

Thanks so much for you coming by and checking out what I made, if you dont want to miss any of my posts, feel free to follow me.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

PLS Thursday tips/ 12x12 layout Summer Fun

Good morning everyone! I'm here this morning to share my 1st layout using one of Pretty Little Studios new collection created by Ashley Horton, Oakley Avenue!! I love this collection and am so happy to get to play with it! The colors are so bright and vibrant, great for summer, fall and all sorts of other things!

This layout is about my 2 boys this past summer. We had took all the kids to a park to play and run out some energy. They had gotten hot so the decided to chill out in the slides cause they were under the trees, a little bit of shade, cooling off a little. 

So the collection it self is Amazing as I already said lol, but the packaging is awesome too. All the collection you can use the packaging, but I loved the grid/notebook paper looking packaging and used it as layers here in the layout. I mean I had plenty to play with but I liked how it looked and I also used the brown paper bag that some of the products were in when I got my DT package. 

Here are a few up close pictures of how I used some of the packaging, adding them as other layers in my layout. 

Pretty little Studio Products used:

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016

Sleepy Little Love / stash scrappin

Hello everyone!! How are you doing?? Pretty good here, everyone is getting over being sick, and with so many of us in a house the colds tend to stick around for a bit longer then normal. lol I guess its just something that happens when you have a big family

This is actually a picture from a few weeks ago. My little girl was not feeling to good and just wanted to climb up in my lap, cuddle and go to sleep, so I let her. This doesn't last long, I get I have 5 kids, but shes the 2nd to youngest and the older ones don't cuddle as much, as to be expected lol, but I miss it and love that the little ones still like to.But I also like to be there when there not feeling good to comfort them. But I snapped a little selfie of us and just set in to relax and chill out with her.

A few little close ups of some of the layering and playing that I did, hope you like them 

Saturday, October 15, 2016

This is a great story

Hey everyone, popping in today to share another quick layout with y'all. This is my new beautiful little daughter. Excuse the bragging!! But she is amazing! And how she came into this world was crazy! That's what this layout is actually about.

You'll see here that all the layers and mats behind her picture are actually made on a hinge so that I can hide all the writing I wanted to do. I'm never big on writing on my layouts cause I'm always worried I'll mess the layout up. I'm working on it though! But this was very personal, but a story that I wanted her to know when she got older. I wrote about everything that happend that morning leading up to having her.

I had fun finding a way to to keep the layout simple, light, airy and still getting all the journaling in.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my layout, If you don't want to miss any of my post feel free to click the follow button and you wont miss anything anymore!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

This just Happened / 12x12 stash scrap

When I cleaned my scrap room a while back, I found a bunch of partial kits or left overs, bits and pieces from when I was on the Hip Kit club design team. So I thought I might as well bust into them and start to play with them some more. They have a lot of life left to them!! lol

I had seen some papers that had a water colored look to them, but I didn't have one in the colors I wanted, so I decided to make one and I LOVE the way it turned out. I also thought Id use one of the Hip Kit files and stitch on my page, but I decided to use this metallic gold embroidery floss, yeah not something I'll do again!! I love the way it turned out and all but man was it a pain. I've sewn with regular embroidery floss and it was way easy, but for some reason this metallic stuff got stuck SOOOO much and separated constantly! 
Anyways, lol, it turned out good and thats all that matters to me :)
This layout is about my daughter and hubby. They were just sitting on the couch watching TV, my daughter was eating golf fish, she turned and asked daddy if he wanted one, of course he said yes, but when she went to feed it to him she did like we use to when we fed her, lol, we'd open our mouths trying to get her to do the same and she thought she had to show him how to too lol. To funny.

Here are a few up close pics for ya to check out, hope you enjoy it and come back to see what else I make, thanks :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Planner spreads with Here comes the sun/ Pretty little Studio DT

Good morning everyone! This morning I'm sharing some spreads from my planner. I really call it memory planning. I use my regular planner, a Create365, I do my normal monthly planning, but then when I go threw each week I print out pictures and add them in along with jornaling about what has gone on that week and other little tid bits. 

I know its already October and I'm sharing from all the way back in August, lol. But as you can see I was a bit busy for a few months with my sweet little new one! I am happy to say that I am all caught up!! Now how long that will last, we shall see :) 
I used Marie-Pierre Capistrans beautiful collection, Here comes the sun. I thought the colors and pretty water color whimsy where perfect and went amazingly well with all my memories I put in my planner.

I have multiple weeks here for you and quite a few close ups, I hope you enjoy!

And this cute little flamingo is so stinking cute!! I need more!

Here is week 3:

And Week 4:

I love how I can journal in my planner and still hide it with those amazing little 3x4 cards. 
This month was amazing for us, with having our little girl come into this world, but we had some very hard times for our whole family this month as well and I wanted to document both good and tragic, but I also didnt want it right out there for everyone and those cards were a perfect fix for that!

Pretty little Studio products used:

Monday, October 10, 2016

Christmas Puppy

Just a quick little share. 
I was flipping threw my pictures and found a few old ones. This one was Christmas a few years back. My boys wanted a dog so bad, we already had 2 cats, but they wanted a dog. 
Me and my husband had decided against it for now, thought we'd wait, well one day my husband calls me from work, says he found someone that was giving away these cute puppies and wanted to know what I thought. I was like, I thought we'd decided to wait? He told me ok and that was that. 
Well apparently that wasn't that lol. 

He came home early from work, with puppy in toe. Surprise to me!! lol Of course I ended up saying yes cause he was too cute! My husband was like, I knew if I brought him home you couldn't say no, lol. And he was so right. 
They were so happy when they came home from school and saw this little guy laying under the tree. He had curled up and fell asleep and the kiddos didn't even notice at 1st, until he sat up and a few ornaments fell off the tree, lol, It was awesome, I wish I would have had a camera then to see their faces!   

I used Hip Kit clubs November kit 2015 kits to do this layout. All the awesome papers, bits and bobs, all came from that kit. I love how everything. I was going threw everything in my scrappy room when I had found the rest of this kit from last year,lol. I love finding things I thought I didn't have anymore! :)

Thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hello Cocoa Daisy!! So excited!

If you follow me on Instagram or facebook you'll already know, but I am so excited to share that I have been accepted on to the Cocoa Daisy design team! 

Along with a bunch of amazingly talented other ladies!Please stay tuned and see whats to come!!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Pretty little Studio and JustNick Product Swapp / 12x12 layout

Welcome to the Pretty Little Studio and Just Nick Product Swap, October 3-8. Designers from both teams have swapped product to bring you some fabulous inspiration combining the two stores. Be sure to check back all week to both blogs, to see what our talented designers have created for you. 

Make sure to go and check out the JustNick blog and see what Nicole Martel has in-store for you!!
Also, make sure to grab your cut-files for 25% off thru Oct 31 with code: PRETTY

And over at Pretty little studio get 10% off  threw Oct 2-15 code: JNick10

I loved playing with the cut files from JustNick Studios!! And they work so great with all the pretty papers from Pretty little studio. I wanted to scrapbook this picture of my kids, niece and my parents. As you see my kids are goofy as all get out! lol This was a few years ago, now I have more kids and they are all just as goofy, if not more!! My mom and dad said that they had a hard time getting a picture of us when we were younger without at least one of us making a face or sticking our tongue out. So I guess my kiddos take right after me!

Since this picture was taken in the fall I wanted to go with a more fall-ish cut file so I went with the rustic wreath frame and 
a few pieces from Sweater Weather. I loved the way they looked cut out of the papers from the Woodlands Collection! I chose the wood-grain because it made me think of out side and the bright yellow because its bright but also makes me think of fall. I liked the combination of them and they way 

Pretty Little Studio Products used: