Thursday, October 13, 2016

This just Happened / 12x12 stash scrap

When I cleaned my scrap room a while back, I found a bunch of partial kits or left overs, bits and pieces from when I was on the Hip Kit club design team. So I thought I might as well bust into them and start to play with them some more. They have a lot of life left to them!! lol

I had seen some papers that had a water colored look to them, but I didn't have one in the colors I wanted, so I decided to make one and I LOVE the way it turned out. I also thought Id use one of the Hip Kit files and stitch on my page, but I decided to use this metallic gold embroidery floss, yeah not something I'll do again!! I love the way it turned out and all but man was it a pain. I've sewn with regular embroidery floss and it was way easy, but for some reason this metallic stuff got stuck SOOOO much and separated constantly! 
Anyways, lol, it turned out good and thats all that matters to me :)
This layout is about my daughter and hubby. They were just sitting on the couch watching TV, my daughter was eating golf fish, she turned and asked daddy if he wanted one, of course he said yes, but when she went to feed it to him she did like we use to when we fed her, lol, we'd open our mouths trying to get her to do the same and she thought she had to show him how to too lol. To funny.

Here are a few up close pics for ya to check out, hope you enjoy it and come back to see what else I make, thanks :)

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