Friday, May 29, 2015

Love you more

OMG I am so loving the colors in this months Hip Kit. So far I've made nine 12x12 Layouts and still have paper and embellishments left!
 I wish I would have got more done this week, but man we've had so much fun here, other than the bad weather that scared everyone. Here in Arkansas there was damage, but were praying for all those families in Texas that got it so much worse than us. 

I probably have more photos like this than I need, but I love snapping little shots at stop lights or when we get in the car and the kids are so happy!! Her and her little pig tales there in the back!! Love it!! And these papers and embellishments are fantastic! Loving Dear Lizzys new line, fine & dandy, such bright colors. And Pink Paislees, Citrus bliss!!

So I did use a few items from last months kit on this layout, but they all go so well together! Thank you for that Kimberly!!! But the Chickaniddy, Pink Paislee and Dear Lizzy all look fantastic together, not to mention the Crate paper poolside cut out clips! Love that my hubby caught this pic of 3 of our 4 kiddos. Big brother helping with the towel after getting out of the pool.

And Finally, a picture of our elusive 10 year old! lol He tries to stay out of pictures most of the time and it drives me nuts!! I'll go threw my phone to print pictures and I might find 1 or 2 and tons of the rest of the kiddos, so I'm having to sneak up on him and try my best to not let him know that I'm taking his I don't ever remember being like that, I posed for pictures, wonder if that has to do with just the fact that hes a boy?? hummm

I also started a small painting of  a geometric fox, just to play, been loving geometric shapes lately. When I'm done with it I might have to share it, depends on how it turns out lol, Happy weekend everyone!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

kissin boo boos and cuddling sick little ones

Well the week seemed to start out ok. We went to the park over the weekend and played out side while it was nice. Our youngest bot wrecked his little scooter and got road rash down his side and a bit on his arm, and our youngest daughter fell and scrapped up her knees :(  Our boy was mad more than anything that he wrecked his scooter, didn't like the way the road rash burned but was right back out playin. Our daughter on the other had, was quite upset. She came running for me with big crocodile tears in her big brown eyes. It made me so sad. She doesn't usually react like that though, if anything she wants to wipe her hands on my pants of for me to kiss the boo boo, so I started to suspect then that she wasn't feeling 100%. Over the next few days both our girls allergies were terrible, to the point of them not being able to sleep great at night because of drainage, running fevers and just wanting to cuddle, and of course I obliged lol. Its going into a long weekend here and there both finally back to normal, well pretty much. So here's fingers crossed!!

Last week I did challenge myself to use my May hip kit and stop hording and holding back on my pages and to see what I could get done. Well with everything going on I managed to get 6 layouts done!! I was proud of myself. If I could have scrapped every night I would have had more done but its ok, I got little one cuddles. Not only did I have the sick little ones, I got a new desk and had to re arrange my whole scrappy room too, but loving my new desk and our boys took my old desk for there room,lol. They said it would be somewhere for them to do there homework and to scrap too.

Well I have a few Layouts that I used mixed media on or tried too lol, now they need to sit in a page protector to platen out. I really need to get clear gesso. This picture of my daughter wasn't even edited, I just managed to take it just right! Well over NSD weekend when Hip Kit club had an online crop, Ashley Horton , she has the Cutshoppe, well she made a beautiful cut file for us that weekend and I didnt get around to using it, so I cut it out and instead of using the cuts, I used the negative to brush on some ink, love these cut files though and thought it was really sweet of her to do that for all of us!! Adding the yellow water color seemed to be to much for my cardstock, I should have done it a bit less at a time instead of all at once, lol Instant gratification and all. I need to breath and do it slowly.

I love how happy she is and she loves swinging now

And this is how our oldest daughter likes to swing,lol I love it!!

Daddy and daughter, wow this seem like forever ago, big bright eyes! lol Just hanging out with dad on the couch

Now this one was for a challenge on the Hip Kit face book page. It was so much fun. I love this kit, all of the kits Ive gotten so far!! And the new June kit looks beautiful too!! Cant wait to play with it, but I still probably have another 5 maybe 6 layouts left in my May kit! Its amazing the amount of things that come in the kit!

Well everyone I hope you have a safe and fun weekend!! Not sure what were doing yet but it'll be fun!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Woo Hoo!! Got my May Hip Kit!! Ganna challenge myself

Ok so I got my May Hip Kit the other day and I was so excited I forgot to take a pic of all my goodies! OMG, I know!! Right now its all strewn across my scrappy desk as I'm playing with it!! Eeek!! :) Well I managed to get one layout done the day I got my kit, but I had 2 little ones get sick so I didn't play much, until last night.  I got one layout finished last night and I started another, pretty much got that one done but needed to get everything stuck down. Got everyone up, fed and made sure the kiddos had there chores done. We all sat down and watched some tv together and just hung out, then the older kiddos decided it was time for there things on there own and it was nap time for the youngest, so its free time!!!

So I came in to my scrappy room to finish this layout and brought my oldest daughter in with me to keep me company. She has her own little cubby in my scrappy area, so she went to it and pulled her stuff right out and got to coloring. So I've stopped a few times and did a bit of coloring, I've looked at youtube, lol and tried to decided if I wanted music on, but there was a little bit to much dancing and no scrapping going on with that going and my daughter in here lol, so were back to just talking while we work :)

I had started adhering things down on my layout when I remembered I had bought some new adhesive I see all you amazing youtubers use. I bought my first Tombow (white and green container) of glue. I'm probably the last person to ever try this stuff!! lol and it was just an impulse buy too, I was in Michaels looking around and spotted it and was like, hey yeah I'll try that everyone says it works so well. Well it does too.

But So far I'm loving my kit this month, not a surprise, I love them every month! My problem is, like so many others, that I love it and want to hoard the beautiful papers and embellishments and to me I don't make my best pages that way. So I'm trying to challenge myself to let go and use it all up. I still want to make as many layouts as possible but I don't want them to be a ton of white space, side note I really need to find clear gesso, none of my craft stores carry it, white, black and even grey but no clear.... anyways back on subject lol, I want to see what I can do without the hoarding of my papers. So for me this week that is a challenge I'm going to try and hold myself too. So now off to my messy, fun crafty space. (yellow roll of washi is from my stash not the kit)

Oh and by the way Kimberly over at the Hip Kit Club already has the June Kit up!! Its Amazing!!! Go check them out!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

kids growing up and attitudes..

So this week I scrapped some pictures that made me really think about how fast my kids are growing up. That, along with changes in them, good and not so good. 

I use Crate papers craft market collection, Amy Tangerine phrase thickers and stuff from my stash. I loved the pretty colors that were in this collecting but I really liked the way they went with the pictures. My baby girl is already two and I'm finally getting these pics scrapped from when I had here. I knew she was amazing then, but she is so much more amazing now. The things she can do, I guess being the youngest of four might give her a bit of a head start lol. You cant see it here, but if youve seen some of my other photos of her, shes a red head, and oh man she has the attitude to go along with that hair!! I hope she keeps a lot of her spunk but man I never thought it would be my youngest and oldest giving me attitude at the same time! lol 

I made this layout for an online challenge and it was so fun. We had to use a sketch  and a few specific things and this is how mine turned out. That day was so much fun. I was a hot day, were in the south so go figure!?! lol But we found a splash park close by and decided that was what we were going to do, we all loaded up and took off and Im so happy we did, so much fun!! 

Heres my little man, not a big moment or anything. We were just sitting in the living room watching tv, this was almost two years ago, I just looked over and thought he looked sweet so I snapped the pic with my phone. He had some input on the layout too. :) He loves orange, well bright colors like his mommy actually lol. But He picked out some of the papers and I put the layout together. And loving my Silhouette, I'm still getting use to it but loving it!.

I didnt scrap all my kids this week, but just looking at some of my photos this week mad me sad and happy at the same time. There growing into such amazing little people, they have a lot going on in there lives and there still doing amazing. We have a few attitude issues with our oldest and youngest, but they are being worked on. The oldest understands and its a bit easier to correct, hes still not happy with me all the time, but I guess thats part of being a parent. I love them all though and will do my part to make sure they grow up into the amazing people I know they can be! Our youngest has the fiery attitude of the red head and I love it like I said before and hope she keeps a lot of it, but at the moment shes picked her two favorite words, No and Why. lol I know all of my kids have went threw this stage, but shes has a bit more attitude then I remember the others having. 

They all make my days fantastic, attitudes or not!! I guess a little bit of venting but not really, lol

Thursday, May 7, 2015

NSD challenges!!

So this past weekend was National scrapbook day and quite a few groups, kit clubs, blogs and other sites did online crops.Well I posted that Hip Kit was doing one ans that I was going to play along, I did!! I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked but I got to play some. Between taking kids to birthday parties, friend/family cook outs and a sick little one I managed to get 8 layouts done that went with the challenges and a few that I just felt like doing. I'm not completely happy with all of them, so we will see if they stay the say..