Wednesday, October 22, 2014

just a little mini...

Just thought id pop in and post a pic f the mini i made for this past weekends hip kit club online crop....i didnt use a hip kit for this mini or the lod i posted yesterday, you didnt have to be a member to participate this weekend. Well Amélie Cousin posted a challange for a mini and it was really fun to do!! I piced the main items out Sunday night before i called it a night and then the next day it took me about an hour to do start to finnish. Hope you like it!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

busy weekend!

I know ive been MIA for a while, but summer was here and we were in play mode. It gave me lots of pics to scrap though!! And yes again weve been sick lol, seems to be over but not going to hold my breath since fall/winter is starting. Anyways....

So this past weekend the Hip kit club had an online crop, you didnt have to be a member to join in on the fun, so that was nice. Well my hubby was working Saturday so i didnt get to scrap much on Saturday, but that night i got into it! Sunday i scrapped some, we usually have a family day Sunday's, so we went to the park and played on the equipment there and the older guys threw the football around, it was fun and i got more pics to scrap lol Then we watched the game, unfortunately the razorbacks lost, to be honest my hubby is the razorback fan, were a divided home, im and auburn fan! But i did get scrapping done this weekend and i was so happy to participate in the challenges and get to know.all the awesome people better.  So here are some of my LOs from the hip kip online crop, hope you like them!!

I have the last challenge to take pictures of and its a mini album. I just have to say i had tons of fun and hope there are more of these online crops in the near future!!

Now to go and catch up on watching my youtube subscriptions lol! Happy Monday everyone!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Scrap Purging....

So were a 6 member family home, and at the moment that means I don’t have a ton of room for scrapping. Crossing my fingers that our new place will have more room designated for my scrapping, (were in the process of finding a new place since our family has grown again). So for others out there with this same issue, the small scrappy space, How often do you purge your stash??

Do you purge paper?? Embellishments? Or a bit of everything?? If you do purge, do you do it at certain times?? Like when new releases come out and are available??

I think that sometimes I buy to much of one thing, as many of us scrappers/craters do, and then once I’ve used some of it, or when I buy multiple papers, once I’ve used it a few times I kind of get burnt out on it I guess you could say. If I keep it long enough I usually use it again but then all the new stuff comes out and I’m so ready to play with it, so that’s when I usually end up purging.

I’m kind of in that place right now…..I get new stuff from my Scraptastic kits every month, always so excited about that, but I like to shop the new collection that some out too. I have noticed that if I don’t purge every once in a while I stop shopping, I have an issue with clutter ,lol, and that’s funny with 6 of us in a house!

So I’m in the process of trying to decide what to purge and what to do with what I purge…..Maybe give it away??? We will have to see I guess….

If you purge your stash off and on to make room and have a special way of doing it, Id love if you’d share, and what you do with it?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

summers already over 😞 and the school lost my kid ugh...

We've kept busy these last few weeks before school started again. Man it seems like school just got out, felt like we had plenty of time to do things, but WOW it flew by and school started here Monday, so sad.

 Our older 2 were back and forth between there dads and here, in 3 week increments, so that cut our time with them a lot. But with all the kids we played outside and in the water a lot! Water balloons, pools, sprinklers....they all seemed to be a dayly thing lol. Especially when its crazy as all get out and i dont blame them at all. We went and climbed a mountain on one of our parks here and the kids loved it. I still have to scrap those pics, lol I'm a little behind, but its summer and we had fun. I really thought we'd do more this summer and it seemed like the time just wasnt there or the kids weren't here when we could do it, so we've already started planning for next summer,lol. And keeping our fingers crossed that itll actually work out!

So the last few days of summer and a few more things that need to be done, like school supplies and school clothes. So me and the boys (thats our older 2) decided to make a day out of it. We went from store to store and picked out there school supplies, and unfortunately it seems i grabbed another countys school supplies list so had to get some more supplies for our oldes...opppss. Anyways.... we had fun and they picked out the stuff, we had to go to another town to do at least 95% of our shopping becuase our Wal-Mart disnt have all the school supplies the kiddos needed and of course the kids wanted the cool notebooks with the characters they love on them. Eitherway it was fun. After we got the supplies out of the way we headed to lunch and then to get clothes!  So taking 2 young boys shopping and having them try stuff on, not the most amazing The picking out of clothes was fun, there both very set in what they like so that was fun, then me saying ok time to try them on and they looked at me like i was crazy! But they've both grown so muchthat i figured it was a good idea and so glad i did . It did turn fun though, so that was nice. And by the time we got home they had ice cream all over. Thank god for leather seats.
Ok so now the 1st day of school and we have all our new stuff and lunch in our bag and they take off. I sit here waiting to hear about there awesome 1st day, but when the door opens and our oldest walks in hes extremely upset and almost in tears. I automatically asked what was wrong and he tells me that his brother never got on the bus, that he asked the bus driver to wait and he was then told that if he wasnt there he was tarty and that the bus driver doesn't wait. And then they left. So i call the school amd there like well he got on a wrong bus, well have to find him. I told them i was told he would be told what bus to get on and that they would make sure that it happened and now they've lost at least one of our kids AGAIN! And yes i did say AGAIN!! Happened last year 3 times and i was sooooo mad!!! The lady on the phone told me to calm down and i was like are you serious? YOu lose my kid and you want me to be calm? Are you nuts?!? Well they did find him and bring him home, but i talked to the principal and she assured me this wont happen again, i was told that last year too and it happened again so wr shall see.....we've actually looked at polulling the kids out and doing home school but i dont know if i could do it all on my own, i could always try though. But we've also looked at moving to be closer to other school. The last few days with school have been great and the kids love being with there friends and they both love there teachers so that good.

So ready for this weekend though!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

kid and hubby sick and small scrappy haul

Well about 2 weeks ago my hubby had been in a lot of pain in his lower back and around to his stomach, in so much pain he finally let me take him to the er where the did a catscan and blood work, it really scared me case hes really great with handeling pain but this was bad.
Turnes out hes got kidney stones. They gave him meds to deal while he passes it but its been two weeks and still he hasnt passed it. They told him it sometimes takes longer for med to pass them than woman. I hate it for him, hes missed a little work because of it but hes back working his butt off even though hes still not passed it, my poor hubby.
Then yesterday we headed out with the kiddos, ready to go and climb a mountain, literally. The kids loved it the first time we did it, but on our way to little rock, our youngest started to throw up, so needless to say, we had to postpone the hiking for that day. That sucked for her being sick and because school starts soon again, ugh cant believe summers almost over, so sad.

On a bit of a happier note, i got to run by hobby lobby and Tuesday mornings and grab some goodies. I was completely out of kraft cs and white cs so grabbed that at hobby lobby, their paper is all on sale this week at 50% off, that was nice. And then ran to Tuesdays and got some adhesive and a bunch of studio calico.
Cant wait to start playin with it all tonight! Now off to paint with the kiddos, have a hood day everyone!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

scraptastic kit club and some layouts

So I've finally joined a scrapbook kit club!! Scraptastic kit club ,July has been my 1st month and I'm loving it! I got 2kits to start top sees how i liked it and both kits were just to pretty pass up. I got the either way main kit and summer nights main kit. Now that i actually got them i wish i would have gotten the add ons too lol. I actually got them really early in the month and have been playing with them since.
Summer nights kit

Either way kit.         

These are the beautiful kits I've gotten so far and have been working with. I've already killed the either way kit, as you'd say, I think i might have enough to do a card or two but that's about it. So heres a few of my layouts.

I did add a little vellum, inks, mists and a few doilies. I still haven't gotten pictures of my  layouts done with the summer nights kit, but I've not killed that kit yet, I will in the next day or so though and then I'll post them.

 It was all so fun to play with! And now I've seen the sneak peeks for August kits and I'm super excited,can't wait to get it in my hands and start to play! I've already got so many ideas. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Introducing me!!! Lol My name is Sarah King, I am 28 and the mother of 4 crazily active, goofy, adorable (if I do say so myself),kids. We have 2 boys and 2 girls. Our boys are older and in school already but both of our girls are under school age. I love being there mom and being able to watch them grow and change and documenting that change and times in there life's and thats where my hobbie comes in. I scrapbook and love it. I don't have a specific style, I just go with what feels right to me. 

I love scrapbooking,crafting and diy-ing. And I love when I can get my munchkins involved with the crafty side,anything to get them out side or away from video games and tv lol. 

We have a combined family, out makes us happy and we're mesh well. I was married by 19, had 2 amazing boys and a few years later we got divorced. I never thought that would happen to me,most people think the same. I always thought my 1st marriage would be my only,but things change,people get married for the wrong reason and sometimes it's healthier to leave the situation then stay and pretend. I met someone a few years back and we've been together ever since. We have a daughter together and his daughter from a previous relationship. Were a crazy, chaotic, wild, unorganized group, but we're work and we all love eachother, and to us th as ts all thats matters.

I hope you'll come back around and see what's going on here, scrapping, crafting, diy-ing and family!