Tuesday, October 21, 2014

busy weekend!

I know ive been MIA for a while, but summer was here and we were in play mode. It gave me lots of pics to scrap though!! And yes again weve been sick lol, seems to be over but not going to hold my breath since fall/winter is starting. Anyways....

So this past weekend the Hip kit club had an online crop, you didnt have to be a member to join in on the fun, so that was nice. Well my hubby was working Saturday so i didnt get to scrap much on Saturday, but that night i got into it! Sunday i scrapped some, we usually have a family day Sunday's, so we went to the park and played on the equipment there and the older guys threw the football around, it was fun and i got more pics to scrap lol Then we watched the game, unfortunately the razorbacks lost, to be honest my hubby is the razorback fan, were a divided home, im and auburn fan! But i did get scrapping done this weekend and i was so happy to participate in the challenges and get to know.all the awesome people better.  So here are some of my LOs from the hip kip online crop, hope you like them!!

I have the last challenge to take pictures of and its a mini album. I just have to say i had tons of fun and hope there are more of these online crops in the near future!!

Now to go and catch up on watching my youtube subscriptions lol! Happy Monday everyone!!

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