Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Scrap Purging....

So were a 6 member family home, and at the moment that means I don’t have a ton of room for scrapping. Crossing my fingers that our new place will have more room designated for my scrapping, (were in the process of finding a new place since our family has grown again). So for others out there with this same issue, the small scrappy space, How often do you purge your stash??

Do you purge paper?? Embellishments? Or a bit of everything?? If you do purge, do you do it at certain times?? Like when new releases come out and are available??

I think that sometimes I buy to much of one thing, as many of us scrappers/craters do, and then once I’ve used some of it, or when I buy multiple papers, once I’ve used it a few times I kind of get burnt out on it I guess you could say. If I keep it long enough I usually use it again but then all the new stuff comes out and I’m so ready to play with it, so that’s when I usually end up purging.

I’m kind of in that place right now…..I get new stuff from my Scraptastic kits every month, always so excited about that, but I like to shop the new collection that some out too. I have noticed that if I don’t purge every once in a while I stop shopping, I have an issue with clutter ,lol, and that’s funny with 6 of us in a house!

So I’m in the process of trying to decide what to purge and what to do with what I purge…..Maybe give it away??? We will have to see I guess….

If you purge your stash off and on to make room and have a special way of doing it, Id love if you’d share, and what you do with it?

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