Thursday, August 21, 2014

summers already over 😞 and the school lost my kid ugh...

We've kept busy these last few weeks before school started again. Man it seems like school just got out, felt like we had plenty of time to do things, but WOW it flew by and school started here Monday, so sad.

 Our older 2 were back and forth between there dads and here, in 3 week increments, so that cut our time with them a lot. But with all the kids we played outside and in the water a lot! Water balloons, pools, sprinklers....they all seemed to be a dayly thing lol. Especially when its crazy as all get out and i dont blame them at all. We went and climbed a mountain on one of our parks here and the kids loved it. I still have to scrap those pics, lol I'm a little behind, but its summer and we had fun. I really thought we'd do more this summer and it seemed like the time just wasnt there or the kids weren't here when we could do it, so we've already started planning for next summer,lol. And keeping our fingers crossed that itll actually work out!

So the last few days of summer and a few more things that need to be done, like school supplies and school clothes. So me and the boys (thats our older 2) decided to make a day out of it. We went from store to store and picked out there school supplies, and unfortunately it seems i grabbed another countys school supplies list so had to get some more supplies for our oldes...opppss. Anyways.... we had fun and they picked out the stuff, we had to go to another town to do at least 95% of our shopping becuase our Wal-Mart disnt have all the school supplies the kiddos needed and of course the kids wanted the cool notebooks with the characters they love on them. Eitherway it was fun. After we got the supplies out of the way we headed to lunch and then to get clothes!  So taking 2 young boys shopping and having them try stuff on, not the most amazing The picking out of clothes was fun, there both very set in what they like so that was fun, then me saying ok time to try them on and they looked at me like i was crazy! But they've both grown so muchthat i figured it was a good idea and so glad i did . It did turn fun though, so that was nice. And by the time we got home they had ice cream all over. Thank god for leather seats.
Ok so now the 1st day of school and we have all our new stuff and lunch in our bag and they take off. I sit here waiting to hear about there awesome 1st day, but when the door opens and our oldest walks in hes extremely upset and almost in tears. I automatically asked what was wrong and he tells me that his brother never got on the bus, that he asked the bus driver to wait and he was then told that if he wasnt there he was tarty and that the bus driver doesn't wait. And then they left. So i call the school amd there like well he got on a wrong bus, well have to find him. I told them i was told he would be told what bus to get on and that they would make sure that it happened and now they've lost at least one of our kids AGAIN! And yes i did say AGAIN!! Happened last year 3 times and i was sooooo mad!!! The lady on the phone told me to calm down and i was like are you serious? YOu lose my kid and you want me to be calm? Are you nuts?!? Well they did find him and bring him home, but i talked to the principal and she assured me this wont happen again, i was told that last year too and it happened again so wr shall see.....we've actually looked at polulling the kids out and doing home school but i dont know if i could do it all on my own, i could always try though. But we've also looked at moving to be closer to other school. The last few days with school have been great and the kids love being with there friends and they both love there teachers so that good.

So ready for this weekend though!!

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