Sunday, July 27, 2014

kid and hubby sick and small scrappy haul

Well about 2 weeks ago my hubby had been in a lot of pain in his lower back and around to his stomach, in so much pain he finally let me take him to the er where the did a catscan and blood work, it really scared me case hes really great with handeling pain but this was bad.
Turnes out hes got kidney stones. They gave him meds to deal while he passes it but its been two weeks and still he hasnt passed it. They told him it sometimes takes longer for med to pass them than woman. I hate it for him, hes missed a little work because of it but hes back working his butt off even though hes still not passed it, my poor hubby.
Then yesterday we headed out with the kiddos, ready to go and climb a mountain, literally. The kids loved it the first time we did it, but on our way to little rock, our youngest started to throw up, so needless to say, we had to postpone the hiking for that day. That sucked for her being sick and because school starts soon again, ugh cant believe summers almost over, so sad.

On a bit of a happier note, i got to run by hobby lobby and Tuesday mornings and grab some goodies. I was completely out of kraft cs and white cs so grabbed that at hobby lobby, their paper is all on sale this week at 50% off, that was nice. And then ran to Tuesdays and got some adhesive and a bunch of studio calico.
Cant wait to start playin with it all tonight! Now off to paint with the kiddos, have a hood day everyone!!

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