Thursday, April 30, 2015

Always.... and National scrapbook Day!!!!

Always.....Hip Kit has a challenge every weekend in there Facebook forum and there so fun to play along with. You dont have to use the items from the kit and by the end of the month Im happy about that because Im usually about ou and stalking my email saying my kit has been sent, then  I know its ok to start stalking the mail!! lol

I loved this challenge though. I love them all but Ive been a bit out of the loop, with kiddos being sick  and then me getting it and tryin to get back into the swing of things. But Im now back up and scrapping and got my home deep cleaned!!

So sat down to do this LO and it took me over 2 hours and thats not normal for me lol, but started watching a new TV series this past week when I was sick and decided to put it on while scrapping. Big mistake, I kept getting into the show and forgetting to scrap! I have realized I cant watch something Im really interested in while scrappin if I wanna get more than one LO done in the evening!! lol Its ok though, Im going to get off and shut down for the evening since National Scrapbook Day is tomorrow!! And that means a weekend full of scrapping, challenges and chatting!!

Speaking of NSD, Hip Kit club is having a online crop, thats where I'll be this weekend, and its open to everyone!! look them up on Facebook and join to participate in the challenges and chatting with all these amazing ladies!! I hope we see you there!!!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy LO :) Beautiful weather and needing new cardstock

Like I said before, Hip Kits April kit is so beautiful! I don't know how Kimberly does it, every month better and better!!

I've finally gotten to start playing with my April kit, but its been a bit delayed. Easter is over so things have gotten a bit calmer. But this past week its been so nice outside, that's all we've been doing!!lol Playing outside, riding bikes and going to the park. Yeah some of that is to tier the kids out some so they sleep better, but really we missed this amazing warm weather and its so nice to see the flowers and feel a nice warm breeze. We've had a few thunder storms here and there too and the pollen has been INSANE! Me and my oldest have been waking up sneezing, no voice and eyes itching, but we got back out and play in it everyday!!lol

On another note.... I'm needing to find a place to order my white card stock from. I've just been getting non-textured from Hobby lobby because its here, close and inexpensive. Well today taking pictures of my LOs I noticed the difference in the color and it really bugged me, to the point that I almost didn't share them. I've used American Crafts white textured cardstock before and am thinking of using it again, its always amazing, takes color great and always looks so clean and white lol. I'm just impatient,lol, I want it now so that I can scrap and do what I want, I will have to learn lol Im really upset about the way the white paper cardstock looks, it really makes me want to redo them, it kinda looks dirty :( I guess no more white cardstock until I order more, this should be interesting...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Got my April Hip Kit and my puppy is home!!

WooHoo!! Around the 1st week of every month I get really excited and start stalking my mail man, as I've heard many of you do that have a kit coming your way. lol Im late busting into it and getting to play with it though. :(  My kit showed up the day before Easter, literally as we were waling out the door to go meet up with some of our family for Easter type things. I really thought Id get to bust into it that night, seeing how my sister decided she wanted to keep all 4 of our kids that night, this never happens, lol, we usually have at least one kiddo. It was so sweet of her but I think shes still happy having just 1 kid lol. Anyways.... Well we got home so late, we were kinda wore out and I still had to make a bunny cake for the next day, so I got the cake in the over, my hubby started a movie and I snuck away to my scrappy room and tore into my box. 

And it was amazing!! To be honest I wanted more of the kits like I got last month, really I wanted all the add ons lol, but we had some things come up with part of our family that were more pressing. Our puppy, fur baby if you will. He had to have surgery, as you see. His hip socket had to be replaced. Hes only 9 months old, my poor baby!! Its just like another kid to us though, our baby was away from home for almost a week, it was only like that because out vet knew we had 4 kids at home and 2 were 3 and under. They wanted to keep him there till the swelling went down. But our baby is back home and is doing great so far. Poor baby just wants to cuddle and love on everyone. I wish I would have had my camera when one of our cats came in to see him, Meatloaf (that's our pups name lol) just started licking him. Hes happy to be home and we are so happy hes home and doing better!!

Now dinner is done, older kids are getting into there things for the night, youngest fixing to get ready for be and pup is already laying by my scrap room waiting on me, so I think I need to dig in to my kit tonight!