Thursday, April 30, 2015

Always.... and National scrapbook Day!!!!

Always.....Hip Kit has a challenge every weekend in there Facebook forum and there so fun to play along with. You dont have to use the items from the kit and by the end of the month Im happy about that because Im usually about ou and stalking my email saying my kit has been sent, then  I know its ok to start stalking the mail!! lol

I loved this challenge though. I love them all but Ive been a bit out of the loop, with kiddos being sick  and then me getting it and tryin to get back into the swing of things. But Im now back up and scrapping and got my home deep cleaned!!

So sat down to do this LO and it took me over 2 hours and thats not normal for me lol, but started watching a new TV series this past week when I was sick and decided to put it on while scrapping. Big mistake, I kept getting into the show and forgetting to scrap! I have realized I cant watch something Im really interested in while scrappin if I wanna get more than one LO done in the evening!! lol Its ok though, Im going to get off and shut down for the evening since National Scrapbook Day is tomorrow!! And that means a weekend full of scrapping, challenges and chatting!!

Speaking of NSD, Hip Kit club is having a online crop, thats where I'll be this weekend, and its open to everyone!! look them up on Facebook and join to participate in the challenges and chatting with all these amazing ladies!! I hope we see you there!!!

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