Friday, April 17, 2015

Happy LO :) Beautiful weather and needing new cardstock

Like I said before, Hip Kits April kit is so beautiful! I don't know how Kimberly does it, every month better and better!!

I've finally gotten to start playing with my April kit, but its been a bit delayed. Easter is over so things have gotten a bit calmer. But this past week its been so nice outside, that's all we've been doing!!lol Playing outside, riding bikes and going to the park. Yeah some of that is to tier the kids out some so they sleep better, but really we missed this amazing warm weather and its so nice to see the flowers and feel a nice warm breeze. We've had a few thunder storms here and there too and the pollen has been INSANE! Me and my oldest have been waking up sneezing, no voice and eyes itching, but we got back out and play in it everyday!!lol

On another note.... I'm needing to find a place to order my white card stock from. I've just been getting non-textured from Hobby lobby because its here, close and inexpensive. Well today taking pictures of my LOs I noticed the difference in the color and it really bugged me, to the point that I almost didn't share them. I've used American Crafts white textured cardstock before and am thinking of using it again, its always amazing, takes color great and always looks so clean and white lol. I'm just impatient,lol, I want it now so that I can scrap and do what I want, I will have to learn lol Im really upset about the way the white paper cardstock looks, it really makes me want to redo them, it kinda looks dirty :( I guess no more white cardstock until I order more, this should be interesting...

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