Saturday, May 16, 2015

Woo Hoo!! Got my May Hip Kit!! Ganna challenge myself

Ok so I got my May Hip Kit the other day and I was so excited I forgot to take a pic of all my goodies! OMG, I know!! Right now its all strewn across my scrappy desk as I'm playing with it!! Eeek!! :) Well I managed to get one layout done the day I got my kit, but I had 2 little ones get sick so I didn't play much, until last night.  I got one layout finished last night and I started another, pretty much got that one done but needed to get everything stuck down. Got everyone up, fed and made sure the kiddos had there chores done. We all sat down and watched some tv together and just hung out, then the older kiddos decided it was time for there things on there own and it was nap time for the youngest, so its free time!!!

So I came in to my scrappy room to finish this layout and brought my oldest daughter in with me to keep me company. She has her own little cubby in my scrappy area, so she went to it and pulled her stuff right out and got to coloring. So I've stopped a few times and did a bit of coloring, I've looked at youtube, lol and tried to decided if I wanted music on, but there was a little bit to much dancing and no scrapping going on with that going and my daughter in here lol, so were back to just talking while we work :)

I had started adhering things down on my layout when I remembered I had bought some new adhesive I see all you amazing youtubers use. I bought my first Tombow (white and green container) of glue. I'm probably the last person to ever try this stuff!! lol and it was just an impulse buy too, I was in Michaels looking around and spotted it and was like, hey yeah I'll try that everyone says it works so well. Well it does too.

But So far I'm loving my kit this month, not a surprise, I love them every month! My problem is, like so many others, that I love it and want to hoard the beautiful papers and embellishments and to me I don't make my best pages that way. So I'm trying to challenge myself to let go and use it all up. I still want to make as many layouts as possible but I don't want them to be a ton of white space, side note I really need to find clear gesso, none of my craft stores carry it, white, black and even grey but no clear.... anyways back on subject lol, I want to see what I can do without the hoarding of my papers. So for me this week that is a challenge I'm going to try and hold myself too. So now off to my messy, fun crafty space. (yellow roll of washi is from my stash not the kit)

Oh and by the way Kimberly over at the Hip Kit Club already has the June Kit up!! Its Amazing!!! Go check them out!!

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