Monday, October 17, 2016

Sleepy Little Love / stash scrappin

Hello everyone!! How are you doing?? Pretty good here, everyone is getting over being sick, and with so many of us in a house the colds tend to stick around for a bit longer then normal. lol I guess its just something that happens when you have a big family

This is actually a picture from a few weeks ago. My little girl was not feeling to good and just wanted to climb up in my lap, cuddle and go to sleep, so I let her. This doesn't last long, I get I have 5 kids, but shes the 2nd to youngest and the older ones don't cuddle as much, as to be expected lol, but I miss it and love that the little ones still like to.But I also like to be there when there not feeling good to comfort them. But I snapped a little selfie of us and just set in to relax and chill out with her.

A few little close ups of some of the layering and playing that I did, hope you like them 

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