Monday, October 10, 2016

Christmas Puppy

Just a quick little share. 
I was flipping threw my pictures and found a few old ones. This one was Christmas a few years back. My boys wanted a dog so bad, we already had 2 cats, but they wanted a dog. 
Me and my husband had decided against it for now, thought we'd wait, well one day my husband calls me from work, says he found someone that was giving away these cute puppies and wanted to know what I thought. I was like, I thought we'd decided to wait? He told me ok and that was that. 
Well apparently that wasn't that lol. 

He came home early from work, with puppy in toe. Surprise to me!! lol Of course I ended up saying yes cause he was too cute! My husband was like, I knew if I brought him home you couldn't say no, lol. And he was so right. 
They were so happy when they came home from school and saw this little guy laying under the tree. He had curled up and fell asleep and the kiddos didn't even notice at 1st, until he sat up and a few ornaments fell off the tree, lol, It was awesome, I wish I would have had a camera then to see their faces!   

I used Hip Kit clubs November kit 2015 kits to do this layout. All the awesome papers, bits and bobs, all came from that kit. I love how everything. I was going threw everything in my scrappy room when I had found the rest of this kit from last year,lol. I love finding things I thought I didn't have anymore! :)

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