Thursday, October 29, 2015

Live, roam, Love / Stash scrap

Well its Thursday, so close to the weekend! 
This week has gone by way faster than I expected, but I believe that has more to do with one of my little ones getting sick and then me getting right after! He's better and back at school but it seems that I just cant bounce back as fast as he can, this getting older stuff stinks!
Well I've been feeling a bit better and have been jonsing to scrap, so I got in my scrappy room last night and decided to make a page. It took way longer then it should have, thats for sure lol.

I went in and grabbed my Dear Lizzy, Documentary collection, it made it way easier since I had it all grouped together lol less work for me! I already had photos pulled that I was wanting to scrap so I grabbed this one of my youngest daughter. This was her first visit to the zoo and OMG did she love it!!
She loved seeing all the animals, getting to feed some, whooping along with the monkeys, it was so much fun!
I didn't actually have this picture pulled to scrap with this collection and I'm kinda glad I was sick and I ended up pulling this line, because I didn't even notice in the beginning how these colors went perfectly with this picture. The pretty purple matches perfectly with her shades and shirt and the blues and greens and the pattern were awesome with the water in the background! 

I did a go to design for me, the paper strips down one side and a bit of the same on the other side for some balance. Then I added my picture to the heavier side and started embellishing, adding bits and pieces to the opposite side as well. Something like this usually takes me 30 minutes, something I do when my mojo is low, but this tool me almost 1 & 1/2 hours.
Im ok with that though, I like how it turned out so its all good. I'm really hoping that I'm back up and ready for Halloween this weekend! My kiddos are all looking forward to it so much!
Happy weekend all!

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