Thursday, September 24, 2015

What a day

Im really loving my Dear Lizzy Documentary line!! Just saying ya know? lol 

This is my beautiful daughter and unfortunately this day she want feeling good at all. I know you other moms know how much it sucks when your little ones feel yucky and there's nothing you can do about it. Well here was one of those days for me. I held her, loved on her and rubbed her back when she wanted me to, but that was all I could do. :( But she went and crawled into be and crashed out, and I checked on her a thousand times of course and thats where these pictures came from. She actually looked like she was ok for a few min. Shes better now but I still like to document when things aren't that great too.

Now these papers were amazing though!! They are thick and great quality and the embellishments!!! LOVE!! I actually broke into this collection for a challenge over on the Crafty Maven getaway destination group over on facebook. They had an online crop this past weekend and we still have a few more days to get the rest done and submitted. You still have time to run over to FB and check them out and participate if you'd like!

I really love that I have this collection, I think my problem always is that I don't end up with enough embellishments lol. And that's all on me :) I love to over embellish at times and I've been a good girl lately and held back! But I have so much more of this collection to play with so you'll be seing tons more with it!! lol

Hope you have a good day and come back and check out some more of my stuff later this week!!

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  1. Wow, awesome layout! Your little one looks so sweet :) I'm glad she's feeling better now.