Saturday, June 24, 2017

Memory planning/Cocoa Daisy

Good morning everyone, I hope you're all doing good. 
Man, did we have some bad weather yesterday and last night!Well I'm here this morning to share with you a spread in my memory planner.

This week I probably have more play with washi and the embellishments from this months kit then anything. We didn't have a ton going on and what did happen I journaled about as they happened.
I started off wanting to use that great Pineapple card, so I chose a washi tape that matched it too. So I grabbed my light green washi I got from speiglemom scraps and covered the dividing lines for the days and then added in the card to the right with some other washi I had(I dont remember where it came from, possibly Joanns?) Then came back in with the Pineapple washi from this months kit and layered it over some of the other colored washi.

I had already put in all the things that I knew was happening this week, I do that in the beginning of the month and add the other things as I go, Like our AC going out or our daughter getting more teeth in or taking a few steps. But when I have slow weeks like this I take advantage and play with all the pretties from the kit and washi too.

I layered in washi here and there and played with a lot of the pineapple themed things in this weeks spread. I have to admit I usually keep a theme through a week if there are things like this, Last week I had quite a few flamingos in through my I just thought these things looked to cute together.

Well thats all for this weeks spread, I hope you liked it and I hope you have a great weekend!!

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