Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Park fun icecream yum/ First week in our new place

 Things are slowing down here with only one week left of summer :( We already finished all the school shopping, so really were just enjoying our last week before school starts. We've enjoyed our summer though, the boys started cooking this summer and have loved it, done some camping, went swimming a lot, done some traveling and a lot of really great family time. I always hate to see summer go, but it has to. Now I get to take pictures of the beginning of school!! Field trips and all kinds of stuff lol

Well anyways enough with more photo ops, with everything slowing down I'm getting a bit more scrapping done. So I finally broke into my July Hip Kit. I feel so behind just breaking into it lol. But I've got my mojo and loving this kit! I think thats said with each and every kit I get from Hip Kit club, they always seem better and better every month!! lol Im so excited for August kit already!! lol 

So this was my 1st layout made with my July kit. It was actually for one of the past challenges on there facebook group. These are always fun to join in on! Sometimes the challenges push me outside my comfort zone and I love to be pushed there, you never know what you'll come up with. The whole kit if full of amazingly bright and sunny colors. So I grabbed a collage picture of my kids and a friends kiddo at the park. 

Here's my second layout made with the kit. This is a layout about our first week in our new place, thus the title, lol. There just four random pics from the 1st week that made me happy. The 1st photo is our youngest daughter sitting in an empty suite case with the almost empty gallon of milk, drinking it!lol She grabbed it out of the fridge and decided she was going to drink it. The 2nd is of our cats. They stuck together all week, I guess they were inseparable with it being a new place, but they were so sweet the whole time. The 3rd is my mom and our three older kiddos. She came up to hang out and help unpack but I think most of the time she spent playing with the kiddos, but thats what grandmas are suppose to do right?lol The last picture might seem weird, but in our last house we had a lot of trees, so that meant not a lot of sun light coming in the windows, just a lot of shade. Well this was our 1st morning here, I got up early before everyone else to have a nice quiet cup of coffee. I loved seeing the sun come threw the windows across the wood floors. Just a few things I loved when we 1st moved in.

Well I'm off to watch a movie with the family and then to do dinner. Hope you have a great day and if you haven't, go check out Hip Kit Club

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