Thursday, November 5, 2015

Stash scrappin Thursday/ Priorities

Hello and happy Thursday everyone!! Well I've seen others do stash scrappin on a certain day of the week and I think I'm going to shoot for that with Thursdays now. I do have a bit of a stash and need to make sure I use it as I add new things into the mix. I dont add a lot in to the mix, I think I really scrappy shop a few times a year, but I still need to get my stash used up too.

Now this layout was made with one of my more recent scrappy purchases, I'm using my Dear Lizzy Documented collection for this layout.

Ok so this layout is really a very simple layout, but I wanted to keep it that way. I kept almost everything light and airy with the bits of black and purpley color in there and tiny little bits of teal and that pretty yellow-ish green color.
I started out with that black and white paper with the days of the week on it, i sewed that to the bottom of the page. I like sewing on my pages, I like the little bit of texture it adds even if its tone on tone. I matted my photo on white cardstock and then onto the pretty water color looking paper with a piece of vellum on top of it to tone it down a bit. then I matted that with a thin line of black cardstock for some definition. I slid a piece of a doily in between the picture and the other layers for a pop of color.

At the top I added the other half of that doily, some thread, a little circle of vellum, that pretty hear rub on, really liking that color, and that pretty floral puffy sticker.

I used the title Priorities, because our kids are priorities to my husband and me, our family is. And in this picture he had taken time off work, even though he was busy to go to the library with our youngest daughter since she had been asking him for a while. Work is important but our children and family are too. I just loved this picture of them walking together.

This is the small cluster to the bottom left of the picture, I just added a piece of vellum, then layered the wooden gold stripped button and white thread and then finished it with that pretty puffy sticker that says, Love so big. I'm loving this color too, so happy to see that its coming back!

Well thanks for coming and checking out my layout today, I'm going to try and do a stash scrap every Thursday now, so hope you come back, fallow my blog for updates of when I post!!

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