Thursday, November 19, 2015

Stash Scrap Thursday!!

It is way later then I wanted to get this up but there has been a bunch going on here!! I guess its just getting to be that time of year lol. But I'm loving it! Gott o go to the school and have Thanksgiving lunch with the kiddos and had fun with that. We got our food and sat outside on the benches in the sun since there were so many people. It was just warm enough to enjoy it!

Well this week I decided to pull out papers from my October Hip Kit. I cant believe with everything I've made that I still have more of this kit left, lol. But I've been loving it! 

I love this picture of my parents with my kiddos and my niece. All of them looking goofy as all get out!!

My youngest playing hide and seek with here pool water gun. Bare foot and all lol. I just wanted to scrap this and I actually journaled! That's something I rarely do, But its also something I'm trying to get better about. Not just the pictures but the words too.

And this is the last for tonight, and wow its late lol. But this is a picture my hubby took one day and I didnt even know until he showed me weeks later. Youngest and me were sick and cuddled up on the couch, paying no attention to anyone lol  I love these little things!

Sorry its so late today and thanks for coming by to check it out anyways! Life is crazy at times, but I'm in love with it all!!

Hope you have a great Friday!!!

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