Friday, March 10, 2017

March Memory planning / Week1 Cocoa Daisy

Good morning everyone! Its Fri-yay!! What are your plans this weekend?? Fun hopefully! I'm going to warn you, this is going to be a picture heavy post!
I finally got my 1st week in March done in my planner. It took a little longer than normal, this past weekend me and my husband went on a trip for our anniversary, and things went a little off.
But let me share my planner spread first, lol, before I get into the story!

I started my planner spread this week by adding that beautiful floral on the right hand page and doing some fussy cutting of some of the pages in the planner kit, so that I could play with them. I added my washi and started penciling in what I knew for sure was happening that week. The last few days in February were pretty uneventful, mostly trying to get everything done at the house and errands that needed to be done before we headed out. I did love that even though I didn't have a ton to wright about or pictures to post, the florals were beautiful to see! I love that I caught my daughter laughing so hard when she was being tickled, my hubby with our pup and oh man, when he was working one day he had a customer that worked on movies, so he got to take pictures with a Ghost buster pack!! He was so excited! How cool, right?? 
I added things in that happened through the week and printed out my pictures Monday and added them in. I thought I'd have more pictures from out trip, but not so much. lol. We got to the mountains late Friday evening and checked into our cabin and man was it beautiful!   

We had a whole cabin! It was so beautiful! It had a whole kitchen, a private hot tub, its own living room and dinning room and a fire place! It was just amazing! Yeah I know I'm gushing! lol We were thrilled when we got there, but we crashed out around midnight after the long drive. When we work up the next morning, my poor husband was horribly sick, food poisoning. Boo! We had stopped on the way and grabbed some food from a gas station, yeah I know never a good idea! But we did, or he did, I grabbed a bag of chips lol. Well I think that may be the end of gas station food for him. He was sick the entire time and I felt so bad for him. But we got to be together and in a beautiful place and it will be a place we go back too! 
Oh and we had the screened in deck, so we had a view of the woods and paths to the waterfalls. And my husband was so sweet and had gotten me a new wedding ring set for our anniversary! I love it!

We made it back home late Sunday. We were so happy to see all the kids and just hang out with them. My hubby recouped and is doing better, so major plus!

I'll have my 2nd week in march up here in the next couple of days, I hope you come back by to check it out! And I thought I would mention that we now have a Cocoa Daisy Planner Facebook page, if you'd like to join in and see what everyone its up to, we'd love to have you!! We have some challenges, chats and lots of good company!!

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