Sunday, November 11, 2018

Wake up and be awesome / Bella Blvd DT

Good morning everyone!!
We've had a bunch of strong thunderstorms the last few days, knocking power out and lots of rain, but its also been nice because its kept it cooler and when its in the 100's on a constant, its so nice for it to be cooler!
Well I'm here this morning to share a new layout with you using an older Bella collection, Alex. I love this collection, the colors are so bright and I love the fact that it works so well for my older boys!
I got out the Alex collection and pulled a bunch of things that I wanted to use, so that got my color scheme as well. So once I had those pieces pulled out, I started to lay things around my layout to see where I wanted them. Once I got an idea of where I wanted things, I decided to dip into my stash and grab some of my Shimmerz and play with them on my background to add some more pops of color.
I let all the color dry and decided I wanted to add a little more to my background, so I grabbed my Bella Blvd Elements clear stamps and started stamping away on my background. Once I was happy with it I moved on to putting the rest of my page together.
I started by cutting the Daily Details paper apart for layers behind my photo. I added all my layers, got it just how I wanted it, laid it where I thought I wanted it to go and moved on to playing with the Washi stickers. I pulled the ones I wanted to use and stuck them on some white cardstock and cut around them. I did this so that I could pop some of them up and on dimensional adhesive if I wanted to. I laid them across my layout and stitched threw the ones that were flat to the page to add some more texture and popped the other ones up. 
Once I had my washi strips down and sewn threw, I pulled out some tabbies and designer clips and tucked them in at the top of my photo.
I had everything to the right side of my layout and wanted some more to the left side, so I went back and pulled out the same Shimmerz colors and the stamps and added some to the left of my layout. While while that was drying I grabbed the boarders paper and cut a few strips off and added them to the top and bottom of the layout and sewed thew them. Then went back to adding some of the washi stickers, designer clips and some more stitching. To finish off my layout I went in and pulled out different colored Puffy Star stickers and added them here and there on the layout. I mean those go with any layout!! I love them and the dimension they add to a layout.

Alex collection; Beast Mode paper, Daily Details paper, Boarders paper, Tabbies, Designer Clips, Washi Stickers
Illustrated Faith Elements Clear stamps

Puffy Star Stickers; Orange mix, Blueberry Mix, Milk white

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Lazy, Hazy, Crazy days of Summer / Bella Blvd DT

Hello everyone!! Summer is here and I have been having so much fun with my kiddos! We've been outside so much! And you'll see a bit of that fun in this layout.
This week my focus was on the Wonky Alpha stickers, so I decided to make a large title using different colors of them and I love how it turned out! This layout needed a big title and these alphas were perfect for it!!
I started my layout with a white cardstock background, my picture had one of my younger daughters sitting in a doughnut floaty and smiling so big in the water. So I went threw my beautiful stash of Bella goodies and grabbed out one of the newer collections, Island Escape and then an older collection, Addison. I went through and pulled papers and embellishments that complemented eachother and started on my layout. 

I cut a few large rectangles out of pretty patterned papers and placed them to the left side of my layout and placed my photo of my goofy girl the the right of those over lapping some. I added a few paper layers behind my picture on the right and then moved on to adding my title. I grabbed two different colors of the Wonky Alphas and placed my title on the larger rectangle papers.

Once I had the title done, I knew I could start embellishing where I wanted. So I did! lol I grabbed some of the embellishments from the Addison collection, the cute doughnuts and a heart, I thought they looked great since she was sitting on a big ol' doughnut lol. I added some paper strips to the bottom of the layout and one to the top and then started tucking pretty flowers in here and there, paper ones and chipboard. I finished my title off with the word summer from the Chipboard sheet from the Island Escape collection and I was done with this goofy little layout.

Island Escape Collection; Moonlit Kiss paper, Peace&Quiet paper, Pennants, Ephemera pack, Ciao Chips
Addison Collection; Daily Details paper, Borders paper
Wonky Puffy Alpha stickers; Ice, Punch

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mountain Mover / Bella Blvd DT

Good morning everyone! 
Im here to share a new layout with you that I made using the beautiful All People All Nations collection. I love the color combo in this collection! The bright pinks, teals and yellows and then the navy add in, its just all so beautiful!
I had these two goofy pictures of one of my daughters, she loves to pose and is so quirky, but on top of all of that she is just a bright soul! She is interested in so many things and wants to constantly learn more and more. 
I love the paper that says Hope on it, the florals and colors are amazing so I wanted to use it for the majority of my background and I started knowing that, so I placed it on 3/4 of the layout.
After I got that down, I started with deciding how I wanted my pictures placed and then adding in the layers that I wanted to use. I grabbed the Boarders and 3x4's paper and started to cut it up for layers. I started placing the papers here and there behind my photos and added some of the tip-ins in with the layers. I grabbed a little white envelope from my stash and added it in to the layers too and then grabbed some of the florals from the ephemera pack and popped them in between some of the layers.
Finishing off my layout, I added my title, the beautiful Brushed words and then grabbed the words cardstock sticker booklet and added some of the little sayings around my layout. When I got to this point, I decided that I wanted a little more of a contrast between my background and white cardstock, so from the boarders and 3x4's paper I cut a strip of the navy diagonal strip and added it along the edge if the patterned paper and was done.

All People All Nations Collection: Hope patterned paper, Boarders&3x4's, Shapes Tip-ins, Ephemera Die-Cuts
Basics:Brushed Words Clear Sticker Booklet, Words Cardstock Sticker Booklet

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Baseball and fun / Bella Blvd DT

Good morning everyone!
Back again to share with you a layout I made using the Baseball collection this week.
This layout really didn't go the way I planned, I started my layout with everything going across the middle of the layout, and a whole different picture picked out, but I dropped my phone in water a little over two weeks ago and lost all of my pictures on it!! I was so sad, thats what I get for never backing my photos up anywhere! I will from now on, I promise you that!
Like I said I started my layout with everything towards the top of my layout, going all the way across from side to side. I didn't have my picture printed yet, but knew what size I wanted it to be so I created a layered photo mat, with a little dimension, placed it where I wanted it and went to adding some more color to the sides of my layout.

 I added some brighter pops of color/patterned papers to the sides, I distressed the edges of my of my papers to add a little more dimension to them too. I pulled out the sticker sheet and the ephemera pack and started to tuck things in here and there on my layout, I have a love for all the tabs, as you can probably tell!
I popped a baseball here in there up on some dimensional foam, added a few stars and some more tabs, lol. Along with baseball mitts and then my title. 
Once I had the title on I thought I was going to be done with this layout, but when I looked at it again, I thought there was to much white space at the bottom of my layout. So I decided to add a few uneven paper strips, I used a boarder punch from my stash for one of them. Then went in and tucked another tab and that cute foam finger in. 
At this point I knew I was done and just needed my photo, then that whole thing with my phone happened :(

 Well, I liked my layout so I went in to my pictures and found this picture of my son doing some batting practice. We had went to a local park, his sister was using the tee stand and he was being pitched to. He loves to practice and he loves baseball so I thought the title still worked too.

Baseball collection: 
Patterned papers; Play ball, Boarders&Details, Hit it, America's Pastime, Ephemera pack, Fundamentals
Ciao Chips;Amorie McIntosh 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jumping for joy/Bella Blvd DT

Good morning everyone! Spring has sprung here, well most of the time! lol our weather is being a bit crazy. So I decided to scrap one of my photos from a few years back of my son swimming.
I started with a white back ground, I do that a lot lol. I started pulling some papers from the Oh my Stars collections that made me think of summer, outside and that matched my picture since I had decided to use a colored photo.

This week were focusing on pennants and there are so many that Bella has put out that are great for summer fun that it was so easy to pull a few that went so well with my layout. The colors matched great and the sayings too! lol I went in and started pulling a few that I thought would work and ended up with more then I thought, I ended up cutting it down to what I actually ended up using, I was going to lay them flat on the layout but I started playing with there little sticks and decided I liked out it added some dimension to the layout, so I added them in as well. I laid some of them flat on the layout with there sticks and them popped some of them up with 3D adhesive so I could stagger them down the layout on top of each other.
After adding my layers to the left side of my layout and playing with the pennants, I moved to my photo and adding the layers I wanted behind it. I did chose just one photo for this layout and a colored on at that. I usually go black and white photos, every once in a while you'll catch me using a color photo, like with this layout. I added the few layers and positioned my photo where I wanted it, I grabbed some of the designer clips, paper pieces and a few other things and started playing with them.
I hadn't planned on adding a cluster on the right side of my layout when I started this layout, but I thought there was a little to much white space to the right, so I decided to add another cluster there. I started with layering two pieces of patterned paper that I had already used on the layout and I loved the clouds, so I decided to use some of those as well. I thought they went good with the cloud paper I had used on the opposite side of the layout and kinda brought it all together. I popped some of them up in 3D adhesive to bring some dimension to the right side of the layout too. Then I went in with a few word stickers that I felt went with this layout and that was it.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my layout! Please feel free to follow my blog and check me out over on my instagram account too!!

Oh my stars Collection; Ice Stars, Plum Stars, Boarders, Orange Stars, 4x6's, Designer clips, Paper Pieces, Tabbies, Pennants; Summer, Today, Boy
Illustrated Faith Basic words

Monday, April 16, 2018

March Memory planning/Pebbles guest designer

Good morning everyone, Sarah here this morning and so excited to be guest designing for Pebbles and working with there new collection Patio Party!! This collection is full of beautiful florals and other patterns, it gives you so many options of things to do!! Cards, layouts, planner spreads and memory planning is what I am sharing with you today!
I am sharing my memory planning for the month of March!

I started out my month by writing a list of things that I needed to get done and a few ideas of things that I wanted to do but weren't at the top of my list. Then I went for the fun stuff! I pulled out all the pretties that Pebbles sent me and started to play!
​I went threw and grabbed some of my favorite papers,embellishments and started to add them in my planner . I used some wood grain washi from my stash and covered the separating lines in my planner to make them a color I wanted and to add just a little more to my weekly spreads.

​This month my family has quite a few birthdays so I wanted to make sure they were all documented too! I added in some of the cut aparts with washi so that I had places to journal about things that went on whith the bday parties and what we were all doing. My mom was in Florida for her birthday, so I thought it would be a great time to add the cute flamingos in too!!

​My last week of march was almost finished, when my youngest daughter, shes a year and a half old, decided to add her own touch in on my planner! I thought about covering everything up, but I decided that it was ok, I could leave it in there and make sure I journal about what my little goof did.  I kinda think its fun to know I can look back and see what she did later and the journaling to go along with it.
Well I very much appreciate being able to share my memory planning with you and I hope you enjoyed it as well!! 

Friday, April 6, 2018

Hey Girl Hey, water color fun/Bella Blvd DT

Good morning everyone!!
 I'm here this morning to share with you a fun little mixed media project I made with Bella Blvd/Illustrated Faith water colors. These paints are beautiful and easy to work with, the colors blend so well and the colors are so bright!
I started my project with a circle cork wall hanging, I covered it in white acrylic paint, once that dried I used a stencil from my stash and some modeling paste and added some little doilies around the circle.
I let the doilies dry and pulled out Shanna's Favorites acrylic paints. I spritzed the whole thing with water, I grabbed the pretty, pretty pink and started adding it here and there on the cork circle, spritzing more water over the paint and tilting it here and there and letting the water run and drag the color over more parts. I went threw and did this with the dark blue and the teal as well. I loved watching it blend between the colors, blending some places into purple and bringing out the doilies on the background. 
After letting the the cork circle dry, I pulled out All people All Nations and started layering pretty papers behind my photo and fussy cutting some flowers and leaves out of one of the papers and layered them in as well. I pulled bits and pieces from the ephemera pack and shapes. I used those to create my title on the right side of my photo and then moved on to the last bit of embellishing.
I pulled out the Basic words and added a few below my photo and to the left and then went in for the Hey Sugar,Sugar epoxy stickers. I love these and I keep reaching for them on all kinds of different projects! But I added these little beauties in a few spots and loved the pop of white and was happy.  

Illustrated Faith: Studio Acrylics Shanna's Favorites, Water colors Shanna's Favorites, All People All Nations collection; Hope, Boarders&3x4's, My Foundation, Ephemera, Shapes, Epoxy Stickers;Hey Sugar,Sugar, Basics-Words, Make your mark collection;Real Deal