Thursday, September 15, 2022

Yay Layout | Clique kits DT

Good morning everyone!! I hope everyone is having a great week so far, the weekend is almost here!! I wanted to share a layout with you today using the Heidi Swapp Sunchaser sampler kit. I love this collection! It is so bright and colorful!! I have to say, I have already went through almost the whole kit lol
This layout was really simple. I printer out my pictures in a photo strip, making sure they would fit in the center of my layout. I decided that I wanted to do, I guess you could say blocking on my layout. But really I just wanted two big strips. That's what I thought when I started. I wanted to use some of the bold colors and patterns. I knew I wanted to use the watercolor looking stripes so I chose that first and cut it and placed it behind my photos and moved on.
At first when it came to the next part, I had just picked the rainbow paper, but I have a thing for polka dots, so I had to get that in there too. At this point I was wanting a little something to soften the top up so I grabbed some vellum from my stash and added it behind the photo strip. I also thought I'd like to add some to the bottom sections to, so I cut out a rectangle. I didn't want to leave it that way though. I pulled out the ephemera and started to play with that to see what I wanted to do.
I pulled this beautiful rainbow heart and decided to add it on top of the velum and decided to make the velum into a tag. I had pulled a few other pieces from the ephemera to use, along with some of the pieces from a cut apart paper. I used the , Here's the story pice to write about my daughters birthday and what she had wanted and what all happened. I slid the velum tag behind that a little and it ended up filling out the rest of the area.
I added the large Yay from the ephemera pack at the top for my title. Then started to go through the phrase stickers. I pulled a few of those and added them here and there around the layout.I wanted to add a little more, but not anymore color. So I grabbed my velum and cut out some stems and poked them here and there till I was happy and I was done. I hope you enjoyed this layout! I can't say enough about this kit. Make sure to head over to the Clique kits shop and check out all the pretties!!

Friday, August 26, 2022

Lovely Day layout | Clique kits DT

Good morning everyone! I hope your week has been going good. This morning I wanted to share a layout I made of 3 of my fur babies. These pups have just been chilling around the house, not really wanting to go outside much since it's been so hot lol. So of course I had to snap some pictures and make a layout. I thought that the Seasonal Wildflower kit and the Modern Documenter kit | Wildflower documenter would be perfect for this layout.
I had printed my pups photos as 2x2 squares and pulled paper from the kit that I thought would work. I wanted something bright and with a little pattern. This kit has vellum and acetate in it and I wanted to make sure to use some of those as well. Once I had pulled the papers I thought I wanted to use, I went to cutting them down to the same size as my photos, so that I could make a grid type layout.
I played with where I wanted my photos to lay in the grid and once I decided on the diagonal, I started to play with the mix of 2x2 patterned squares I had already cut out. I added a little adhesive to the back of the patterned papers, acetate and vellum, just enough to keep them in place while I ran them through my sewing machine. After running those through my machine I added my photos back in and pulled out the ephemera and fun bits from the kit.
I pulled different little bits from the kits, some tags, cut a parts, hearts and a little house. I went to playing with the way I wanted them on my layout, tucking a tag behind my photo, layering a tab with a scalloped border piece. Once I had gotten them all where I wanted them I decided to run my layout through my sewing machine again and add a little more texture.
I like the way my layout was looking, but thought there was a bit to much white. I knew I didn't want to do anything drastic, I had added my journaling about my pups in the back already, so I thought that I would just add a teal border, since it matched the color in some of the papers and call it good. I did that, made it a little off kilter and then ran my layout through my sewing machine again and called this layout good. I hope you like this layout and make sure to head over to the shop and check out all the other pretty items in the shop to play with!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Fur Baby | Clique kits Design team

Good morning, everyone! Summer is still in full swing here and we are spending a lot of time outside. When the kids are busy playing sometimes, I like to sit back in my hammock and read. Well, the day I scrapbooked about one of my dogs decided to be my shadow. He wouldn't leave my side lol, so I had to snap some pictures and scrap them.
I love this collection by the way lol. The kit I chose to work with was the good Stuff sampler kit.The colors are so bright and fun, one of the reasons I picked it! I started off matting my photos into a photo strip and then running the dark blue paper with criss-crosses on it, through my sizzix. I loved all the non-perfect circles and the fact that I could use this color and not make it seem to dark. My pup was looking off to the right so I thought I would put my photo strip to the left of the layout and move on with my layout from there.
​I went through the papers and pulled different ones I thought I might want to use and set those aside and pulled a few that I wanted to fussy cut a few things out of too. I pulled the rainbow striped paper out and decided to use it across the bottom of my layout, but I didn’t want that to be the only paper I used so I cut a strip of peachy pink paper too. I used a punch from my stash and ran it along one edge of that and slid it under the striped paper.
I went through and started pulling ephemera out and playing with where I wanted it on my layout, along with a few of the items I had fussy cut out earlier. I had thought I was going to use just the 3 labels I had cut out for my journaling and realized I had more I wanted to document, so I decided to make the patterned papers I added to my layout a pocket. This way I could hid a little more journaling n my layout and not make it overwhelming.
When I was done sticking all my stickers and labels and stuff down, I thought there was too much white space at the top. I saw that cute sun in the ephemera pack and thought it would work great on the top of my layout, so I cut out a few clouds by hand and laid them on my layout but thought I would take it a step further and run it through my sewing machine too. Lol. That finished this layout off.

Monday, July 25, 2022

Girls Day Out | Clique kits design team

Good morning everyone!! I hope your weekend went well! I'm here this morning to share a layout that I really just had fun playing and making. I used the Sampler kit- Rainbow Poppies This kits is SOOOO beautiful! It's pretty hard not to fussy cut this kit! So many flowers!. Now only that, but it comes with so many pages of cut a parts, beautiful wood pieces and a beautiful butterfly stamp. Along with the kit I played with some of the TCW stencil Butter that's in the shop too. I used Orchid, such a pretty purple and Chartreuse.
This whole layout started with me wanting to play with the stamp that came in the kit. I grabbed a white piece of cardstock and started to stamp. I thought it would look cool with the stencil butters splattered all over. I stamped the butterfly in a grey and then grabbed an older stamp and added a few other things and then pulled out my stencil butters and decided to water them down to see how they would work and they worked amazingly!! The shine is so perfect!
I liked the way it looked, so I thought hey I'm going to use that. So while that was drying I decided to fussy cut out some of those pretty flowers. I cut a whole strip out, that would go across my page. I didn't want the bottom of my layout to be the same as the top, so I decided that I would use the other end of the paper I had fussy cut out of, it was the same on both end. Flipping it upside down makes it where the flowers don't match up so there is more color.
I liked the amount of color and the fact that the bottom side of my layout wouldn't be completely white, but look like wood slats instead. Once everything had dried on the top of my layout, I went ahead and added the patterned paper down and then decided that I wanted pop up the row of poppies I had fussy cut out. I added those and then dug back into the kit to pull out some fun to fussy cut.
I added little tags and word strips here and there around my picture strip. I went back into the kit and grabbed the foam stickers and tucked a few of them around my photos too. I popped onto my computer and typed out my writing, printed it out, cut some strips and added it to my layout below my photos.
I didn't like that the bottom of my layout only had my journaling, so I thought I would bring a butterfly down there as well, along with a few word strips and labels. I added my fussy cut butterfly to the bottom right popping the wings up a bit, then sliding those word stips and label. Then I figured I should pull a few of the foam stickers down there too and that finished my layout off. I hope you enjoyed this layout! Make sure you head over to the shop and check out all the amazing kits and fun extras too!!

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Destination Travelers notebook spread | Bramble Fox CT

Hey everyone I hope your week is going good. It has been so hot here that it's been a little harder to go out and do thing, it's a bit hard to go hiking when it's 108 outside lol But I finally got to go do some more hiking and the view was beautiful and I wanted to document that in my travelers notebook. I used a beautiful collection by Heidi Swapp and the beautiful Destination perspextive from Bramble Fox.
I had chose my photo and knew I wanted to add a few layers behind it, so I pulled out my paper pad and picked a few papers and added some small layers, but thought it looked to plain still. I flipped back through my paper pad and found the patterned paper with the leaves on it and thought it would work nice, since i was in the woods with this picture. So I cut a 2.5 inch strip and added it across the top of my TN before I added my photo.
I made sure to leave a little space behind my photo to slide in a tag, a little more hidden journaling there. and then I started to go through the ephemera and stickers from the collection. When I found things I liked, I pulled them out and tucked them here and there to add pops of color and little scentaments about how I felt that day.
On the right page I wanted to make sure to add some journaling and unfortunately I decided to use my own handwriting, not a fan of it lol I was a bit sloppy, time to work on handwriting again lol. But I knew I wanted my title on this page as well and the Destination perspextive was perfect. So, I added my journaling about the day, along with some more stickers from the collection and then placed down my title and that finished off my spread.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Nope Not Today Layout | Clique Kits DT

Good morning everyone! I hope your weekend was good! Well today I wanted to share a new layout with you using the Sampler kit, The Good Stuff. Its chock full of beautiful Simple Stories products and I love it!! This kit has so many cut a parts, if that's the way you want to go, if not then there is the full patterned papers on the other side. So Many options!
I use to only scrap the good, happy things, but I thought that's not real life. There are bad or sad things that happen too. Well, a few weeks ago we were out playing and my daughter wiped out on her scooter. She handled it so well though. She sat down and cleaned it up, rested for a few minutes and was back at it. I was proud of her. And I guess this wasn't only sad or anything, like I said she handled it well.
Well to the layout lol, I pulled out The Good Stuff kit and started pulling papers that I thought I might want to use, so all of them! lol But I went through and pulled ones that I thought went well with what I was scrapbooking and telling the story about. First I saw the one that said Nope. And the fact that it had room for journaling, it was perfect! I liked the floral one too, but wanted something else added to it. So, I grabbed those and a few others, but decided when I laid them out that I only really wanted the two cards and to back my my photos with white cardstock.
I had set them up in a grid or square on my layout and decided it was just too much white. There needed to be some more color behind everything. So back to my papers and I found the adorable paper with peaches on it. I decided to use it, other than it was cute, she was a peach about the whole deal, she handled it so well, so I thought it was fitting lol. Plus really it's cute! I added the peach paper to the background and ran it through my sewing machine, this way it was in place and I was really starting lol. I laid my pictures and cards back and thought it needed something more, so I grabbed a scrap piece of the dotted paper and added it too and ran it through my sewing machine.
After I had my jumping off point on my page, I started to stick down my cards and photos. I took another scrap and added it behind the bottom left cut a part and then started sewing again. I like the look of the stitching. I had already ran my journaling card through my printer, so that was done and able to be sewn on. But I made sure to leave a little space at the top of my journaling card to be able to slide a tag in and add a little more info for her, when she gets older. A little note from momma ay know lol
At this point I needed to pull some ephemera and add little bits here and there to finish off my layout. I pulled out my ephemera and of course had to add some flowers, but I love that there was a little banner that said nope not today to add to my bottom left card. I also cut out a label from one of the cut a parts and added it then added some more stitching. I added a little circle with a heart on it and a sticker to the picture of her little knee. I pulled out the enamel dots and added them here and there and my layout was done. I hope you enjoyed this layout and make sure to head to the shop and check out all the new goodies in there!

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Endless Summer | Bramble Fox CT

Good morning everyone!! How was your 4th of July weekend? We had a pretty good time with ours. Today I'm using the beautiful light teal Endless Summer perspextive along with my Happy Hearts Sampler kit from Clique kits to make a fun summer layout with 6 pictures on it! That's quite a few pictures for me on one layout, but after seeing this perspextive, I wanted to scrap some pictures from different parts of our summer and this worked great!
I started by printing out my pictures. I made them measure out to 3x4's so I could get at least 3 across the layout. I laid them out straight across at first, in two lines, but I didn't like the way it looked, so I played with them at an angle and I liked that a lot more. Plus I could add some patterned paper and leave some white space to add my journaling.
Now I knew where I wanted my pictures, I picked out a white paper with rainbow stripes on it to add some color to the layout, but not over power it. I have to admit I cut it wrong twice lol. I wanted the lines to go the same direction on top and bottom, so leave it to me to cut it the opposite way lol. But I fixed it and adhered my paper down. Then added my photos so I knew where I had space left for my journaling and embellishments.
I fussy cut some flowers out and pulled some other embellishments from my kit, then started to slide them under my pictures here and there, along with adding a few word stickers on top of my photos. I had printed out my journaling already and laid it out and decided I wanted my journaling to sit on top of some of my florals. I stuck those down and added my title, it went perfect with these photos and moved to adding my journaling down. I was really happy how this turned out, especially since I used so many photos and I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to head over to the Bramble fox site and see what's in the new fox box and in the shop!