Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring breaks over :( and a few more LOs

Our Spring break was this past week. Ours was pretty uneventful. I say that but I think I spent a combined 19-20 hours in the car. UGH! I get it may not be that much in a week span for some but to me, in two days, its a And my back is killing me! But I have my boys back so it was all worth it! Oh I guess it would be better to let know that they were at there dads house, thats what all the driving was for. There dad gets them for Spring Break, So I was without my boys for a week, it made it way to quiet around here. I did have my girls, so it wasn't completely quiet here but quieter than normal. I have to say, being use to 4 kiddos all the time, having them here and seeing them and then 2 being gone, its such a weird feeling and I don't like it one bit!  
So you might think having 2 of the kiddos gone, I might get more scrappy stuff done, but I did manage a few LOs and a canvas I made for my mom, but my back was so messed up, I didn't do much at all, but here are the few that I did get done. These were all made with the Hip kit clubs March kit. I did add a few of my own items in here and there.

This is my youngest, she was hanging out on the back porch with us at our old house, I looked over, she looked so cute, so I snapped a picture of her. I did use my own mists and doilies on this one.

I made this for my mom, something she could hang in her scrapbooking room at her house. She always loves getting pictures, Layouts or mini albums from me even though she scraps too. We just have different scrapbooking styles, so its always fun for us. I added my own string and mists on this one too.

Here is my oldest son, so proud of him!! This is him with his acceptance letter into ALPHAS. This is a group in his school and most schools for gifted and talented kids. He was so happy when he got in, and me the scrapbooker I am, had to take a picture of him with his letter. I also went and got him a bottle of sparkling apple cider to celebrate with,lol goofy I know, but I love to make a big deal over there achievements! This LO was also a part of a challenge from Hip kits facebook page.

And again, my youngest daughter. Cut the background with my cameo and added pieces of patterned papers behind it. She actually took this picture herself when she was about 7 months old. She liked to have my phone with music on when she was sleeping, well she woke up and managed to snap a cute, up close picture. I really just loved this picture!!

Im down to just a little left with my kit, I already ordered my kit for April, but I think when I get my May kit I'll have to order me some add ons! Definitely loving there kits, cant wait to get my April kit already!! But we are home, gonna make some dinner and then hopping to get some more scrapping done.

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