Friday, October 27, 2017

Fairy Tale Club Halloween Banner!!

Good morning everyone!! Sarah here with a cute little Halloween banner I made with this months cute kit.

I started out by pulling papers and planner inserts that I though went well together and of course that I thought were too cute! I got them in an order that I liked and started cutting them down to size.

I started out with the white paper that had all the cool little orange Halloween doodles. I went through the die cut pack and pulled sooo much out lol, and then went to town on embellishing each banner piece. I wanted the die cut Halloween word on the first one. But I wanted to add a few pops of color from the papers too. I used a punch from my stash and punched out some of the purple paper and then tore a piece of the pink paper and adhered them down.I added a gold foil spider web, then added the die cut Halloween word and slid a die cut two toned pumpkin and a gold foiled pumpkin sticker too. 

I moved on the the next on, this was a planner insert and already had the happy pumpkin on it so I added some of the die cut candy pieces. I didnt add much to this one cause I loved that smiling pumpkin!

The middle one was another planner insert. I loved the witch and the colors, so I added a doily behind this one and wasn't sure what else I wanted to do so I moved on.

The Beware one was also a planner insert and I didnt want to add to much to this one either, so I added a few die cut shapes and moved on to the last one.

I actually took a planner insert and cut the adorable teal bat out and wanted to use it. I punched a few of the papers from the kit with one of my punches and layered them, then added the cute little bat on top. I pulled out a few stickers, gold foiled and not. 

I knew I wanted to add more to all of them, so I decided to sew them together and use a little extra stitching on them. I liked the way that looked but wanted a little bling, so I did grab some sequins from my stash, some from one of my 1st FTC kits and a mix of others. After I added the little bit of bling I was happy with it and hung it up on the wall in my kitchen!

I hope you like this little banner I made and I hope you are inspired to play and make something fun for Halloween too!!

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